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The Cruda Series began before I started painting. When I first became interested in art, I used to browse all the art books at the library and the images that called out to me the most were Cuban posters from the 1960s and '70s. The bright, bold colors and simple text were beautiful. Visually, it appealed to me. I didn't know how to silkscreen at the time so I tried to duplicate that style by painting it. I can't pinpoint when I first heard about pink elephants,  but when I found out that cartoon characters would hallucinate them when they were intoxicated I knew I wanted to paint them. I always found it amusing that they called a hangover "la cruda" in Spanish... so I put the two together and painted a little slice of my reality.

In art school, my  professor told me not to paint flat. It used to annoy me, but I figured I should learn to paint and draw a proper figure. That's when I started doing all the portraits. While I was in school, they always told us to go to the MOMA in SF and write about the works there.

I remember being blown away by a huge painting by Takashi Murakami... and guess what? It was bright pink and completely flat! Since the elephants always crept back into my work, I decided to dedicate a show to them and have fun with painting again so that i could get them out of my system... Enjoy!

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