Ana Bravo was born in Mexico. At the age of three her family emigrated from Mexico to Salinas, California. When she turned 20, she moved to San Francisco where she was first exposed to the world of contemporary art through jobs at the Oakland and Berkeley Public Library's Art department.

"There was never a point in time when I consciously decided to become a painter," she says. "It was a result of moving to a big city, not knowing people and having time for introspection. Having an art supply store down the block from my apartment also played a major role in my development."

One of her first paintings was a portrait of a close friend and since then Ana's been honing her style through portraiture. "There's an enormous amount of creative energy flowing through the Bay area and it's hard not to absorb a little of it," she says. "I'm excited about the possibilities and the positive element painting has brought to my life. People inspire me. Music inspires me. The urban landscape inspires me."

Her work has been displayed in various art galleries, cafes and venues throughout the Bay area. In 2004, her work was featured in a collective art show in Cuba. Since 2005, her work has been shown as part of the annual Hustlenomics group show in New York City.  Ana had her first NY solo exhibit in 2008, which featured her Cruda series at the Fresthetic Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Ana currently lives and works in New York City.


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